What Is The Cost Of A Boxer Machine?

The cost of boxer coin operated machine is depending on the type and manufacturing company. Which brand you are having, what type of machine is this, and what facilities it will provide you. Check all the important features before purchasing just to make sure that you are getting the right thing.

Coin Operated Boxing Machine

Coin operated boxer machine game is the best opportunity to double-up your entertainment level for a longer time period. Whether its your holiday or you just want some weekend fun, this simple punching game machine will make your day with lots of fun and enjoyment.

The boxer machines are available at every store (online and local) with different sizes and price ranges. It will be a great fun when you have with your family to spend some quality time together.

How Much Point Does A Single Punch Give?

It actually depends on the speed you punch to the machine. The more speed you have, the more points you will get. Every boxer game machine allows 3 turns to hit, try to stand back, put your one leg in front and one leg in the back, now punch the ball as harder as you can with your hand punch.

One of the best gaming options for kids who love to spend their time playing different sport activities. Punching boxer machine can improve our body’s blood circulation as we hit the punch with extreme pressure.

3D Boxing Arcade Machine

Boxing machines have become so popular these days because of different variant and cost effective price ranges. It is a good exercise to our whole body strength. In the modern language, the game is also known as “test your strength” game.

With 3D design, it offers a 3D mechanism built using CNC devices and lasers. As its title suggests, the Boxer 3D has come up with three-dimensional shape and is all packed with graphics that stand out. The machine is an impressive piece and leaves a unique appearance that catches every player’s attention. Check the features of 3D boxer arcade machine:

  • High quality machine with built-in laser light.
  • Coin operated machine
  • State-of-the-art features
  • The machine is specially created with a built-in stand with full wraparound design and some catchy graphics.

Buy A Boxing Machine At a Reasonable Price

Buy your boxing machine arcade game at reasonable price range and allow your kids to have some fun while staying at home. No need to visit malls and other stations just to play your favorite game; buy this outstanding boxer machine and spend some quality time with your friends and family.


So, what are you waiting for? Enjoy the strength developing game at your home and build some muscles. The more you hit the punch, the more it will give you coins and other points to win the game. The machine is easy to operate and can be stand out in your garden areas, living room, or other places at your home.



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